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BerryDx Ordering Provider Benefits

Upgrade your practice’s diagnostics offering with BerryDx. Order diagnostics for patients from a wide range of labs, monitor results, process insurance claims and more. Increase practice revenue while serving patients with efficient diagnostics.
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Upgrade your practice

BerryDx aggregates laboratories around the country, offering an unmatched range of diagnostic panels. The BerryDX platform handles the entire testing process, from insurance validation to order placing to result dissemination.
Easily accept and collect self-pay payments while allowing BerryDx to assist with insurance claims. BerryDx integrates with your EHR, ensuring easy syncing between the BerryDx platform and your existing medical record platform.
Once results are finalized, patients receive notification of results automatically and can log in via the BerryDx iOS app or web portal to view a full history of their diagnostic tests.

Benefits of BerryDx

A host of benefits and value propositions makes BerryDx your logical diagnostics partner.

Increase practice revenue

Upgrade your practice’s dignostics offering allowing more tests to be ordered through an easy-to-use platform.

Point of care testing

BerryDx allows providers to assign a result to a point of care test. Once a rapid test is performed, assign result and patient will receive notification with test report.

Access to Berry DX Lab Network

Once joining BerryDx you will immediately have access to a laboratory network that spans the United States, offering over 3,000 different diagnostic tests.

Process self-pay & insurance

BerryDx allows both self-pay and insurance payment options. Process payments easily through the platform or use BerryDx to submit insurance claims.

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BerryDx iOS App

The BerryDx iOS app is designed to further assist you in running your diagnostic practice, with powerful features at your fingertips. From scanning sample barcodes and finalizing results, to creating and monitoring new patient orders, the BerryDx is your diagnostics companion. Available now on the App Store.
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A powerful tool for providers

Order from labs nationwide. No pre-existing accounts required.

Access & communication

Easily manage staff access to the platform, with full records of actions inside the secure portal. Results and custom notifications are sent automatically.

Monitor volumes & metrics

A full analytics tab allows you to monitor your diagnostic volumes while observing trends such as abnormality rate. Export these reports easily in a format of choice.

Laboratory & point of care

BerryDx supports both laboratory diagnostics and point of care. Order over 3,000 laboratory diagnostics or use the platform to finalize results for point of care rapid tests.

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Order from labs nationwide.
No pre-existing accounts required.

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Quick and easy setup

While powerful, the BerryDX platform has been designed to be user-friendly and efficient. Onboarding is simple and a member of the BerryDx team will guide you through the streamlined process.
Ordering providers can assign various roles to staff within the practice and be notified of any particular diagnostic results or process updates.
Once set up, use the BerryDx iOS app or web portal to order diagnostics for patients and monitor updates, while results are disseminated to patients automatically.